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Number Games

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Mathematics – Arithmetic

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Kurzbeschreibung Mathematics – Arithmetic
Umfang The material consists of: 4 cards for each of the numbers 1-10, 55 picture cards (fluffy toys), 55 picture cards (balls), 10 number cards (1-10), 10 A4 number posters, a title card for the box in which the cards will be stored, and a brief description of the material
Alter Kindergarten, 1. Schulstufe
Herstellung All of the cards are meant to be laminated (recommended laminate thickness: 90-125 micron). The individual cards need to be cut out. Sides or cards to be bound into a booklet: none Sides not to be laminated: none
Inhalt / Lehrplanbezug Early counting, matching numbers to quantities and visa-versa
Einsatzmöglichkeiten Free work, individual work, pair work, small group work The material can also be given to children with dyslexia
Vorbereitungen To work with this material, the children require: a floor mat or felt board
Arbeitsweise The material can be used on three levels: On the first level, the children can match either the number with the picture of the objects, or visa-versa. On the second level, the children can collect and count the loose pictures and match them to the number. Each number has its own design. On the third level, all 55 pictures are the same, and they can be matched with the numbers
Selbstkontrolle There is one card that shows both the number and the picture
Erfahrungen, Tipps, Hinweise The colours of the fluffy toys match those of the montessori bead bars. The 10 small number posters can be hung on the wall of the classroom to give the children a reference point with both the numbers and the pictures visible. For every number, one of the fluffy toys is facing the opposite direction. A game can be made out of this by asking the children “Which fluffy toy is different from the others?”
Artikelnummer 422014
AutorIn Wolfgang Schmidt
Mitwirkende Andrea Bisanz, Georg Breiner, Beatrice Deveaux Paul Read

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