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Inscribed & Concentric Shapes

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Mathematics – Geometry

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Kurzbeschreibung Mathematics – Geometry
Umfang The material consists of templates, loose cards (squares, triangles and circles) and 30 A5 index cards
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Herstellung The sides with the index cards, and the pages printed on both sides with the squares, circles and triangles, are meant to be laminated (recommended laminate thickness: 90-125 micron). Index cards: First trim the edges of the laminated card, then cut exactly down the middle to get 2 A5 cards. Copy the two templates on red and green card for the children to cut and glue. Sides not to be laminated: 2 templates, 1 side with the description of the material Sides or cards to be bound into a booklet: none
Inhalt / Lehrplanbezug Esthetic sense, precision. Learning terms such as ‘inscribed’ and ‘concentric’. Through copying the given patterns and creating their own, the children absorb intuitively, in an indirect way, many higher concepts: diagonal vs side, two radii within the diameter (both getting longer when moving up a size), proportionality of the circumference with the diameter, chord and segments, etc. Children aged between 7-11 years can deduce the formula for calculating the diagonal of a square (‘For Experts’ card)
Einsatzmöglichkeiten Possible application in connection with topics or projects such as: geometry, geometric shapes (circles, triangles and squares). Free work, individual work, pair work. The material can be introduced to children in reception classes as sensorial material – they can cut out the different shapes, lay them in different patterns and then glue them
Vorbereitungen To work with this material, the children require: a desk (a floor mat is less suitable), a felt board, paper or an exercise book, glue and scissors. The templates (circles, squares and triangles) delivered with this material can be used instead of the original Montessori material
Arbeitsweise The children can experiment with the material. The index cards should stimulate them. Working through the cards in order is not necessary. New patterns can be formed using the shapes, then glued and documented in the form of a little booklet
Selbstkontrolle The material enables the children to check their own progress as they work
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Artikelnummer 421041
AutorIn Wolfgang Schmidt
Mitwirkende Translation: Paul Read

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